Martijn Smit strengthens Qimarox sales team

Martijn Smit will be Qimarox’s new sales manager starting from the first of November. Smit will focus on global promotion to end-users on behalf of the producer of standard product elevators, palletising modules and rotary ring stretch wrappers. In collaboration with regional, certified system partners, the various Qimarox modules will be integrated into end-of-line packaging projects. Smit will lead the Qimarox sales team, which in recent years has grown to twelve employees. Smit is a familiar face in the world of end-of-line packaging systems. He spent almost ten years as director and owner of Matco, building it into an internationally operating specialist in foil wrapping systems.

Smit knows the Qimarox organisation well. In the past, he has worked extensively with the people of Qimarox on behalf of Matco, on numerous end-of-line packaging projects. ‘I was always extremely satisfied with my cooperation with Martijn. We understand each other’, explains Pieter Hannessen, founder and owner of Qimarox.

In recent years, Qimarox has developed into a global producer of standard components for material handling systems which has experienced substantial growth. The arrival of Smit will allow us to reinforce and accelerate this trend. ‘Martijn possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, understands marketing and is internationally oriented. With Martijn on board, we will be able to focus more on after-sales, learn from the experiences of our end clients, and use this information to produce even better products’, says Hannessen.

International playing field

Martijn Smit is looking forward to reacquainting himself with the end-of-line packaging system market. Last year, he was operational manager at Roelofsen, a bodywork construction specialist in Raalte. ‘It was a fun and valuable experience, but my interest in machine construction has only grown since then. What’s more, as operational manager, I missed the feeling of being involved with the market and the customers. At Qimarox, I’ll have a chance to work with leading end clients in various sectors.

Smit has known Qimarox since back in 2002. ‘Qimarox is the perfect example of a machine manufacturer which has managed to carve out a unique market position with an international customer base for itself by focusing on modular design and standardisation. I’m really looking forward to strengthening this position even more, together with the whole sales team.’

About Qimarox

Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems characterised by ruggedness and reliability. Innovative concepts, patented technologies and continuous development allow Qimarox (which emerged from Nedpack) to manufacture product lifts and palletisers that combine flexibility and productivity with a low total cost of ownership. System integrators and original equipment manufacturers from across the globe use the machinery of Qimarox in end-of-line systems and storage and order picking systems in various industries. Please visit for more information.