Qimarox improves accessibility of palletisers

Qimarox has increased the accessibility of its palletisers for operators and service engineers. The manufacturer of components for material handling systems has developed an innovative elevated walkway construction that makes it possible to reach both the pallet and the palletiser in a simple and safe manner to correct pallet stacks or perform maintenance. The elevated walkway system has been patented for use with the Qimarox Crossrunner system. This clever system allows multiple Highrunner palletisers to be installed in-line. The result is a compact arrangement in which only one roller conveyor is required to supply and remove all the pallets.

Because the palletising process of elevated infeed machines takes place several metres above the roller conveyor, machine accessibility can be a problem. Qimarox solved this problem by designing a system of elevated walkways that do not intersect. ‘This allows us to meet the needs of customers who rightly place high demands on the accessibility of their palletisers. Operators can now make any corrections that may be needed without having to climb, crawl or stoop. This obviously also applies to the performance of maintenance work, ‘says Pieter Hannessen, founder of Qimarox and product development manager.

Easy, safe and compact
The new elevated walkway system has two levels. The upper walkway is at the height of the pattern-formation conveyor, where the products are supplied and the pallet layers are formed and deposited. The lower walkway is at the height of the pallets and the built in lifts that deposit the pallets on the roller conveyor. Stairs are installed at various locations so operators can quickly move between walkways at any time.
The system is designed so that each pallet and palletiser unit can be accessed from several sides. Because the walkways never cross, operators at the lower level never have to bend down to restack a pallet or perform maintenance. This promotes safety and ergonomics. An additional advantage is that the shape of the walkways falls within the contours of the Crossrunner system, so that it remains the most compact arrangement for multiple palletising units on the market.

Most competitive solution
Qimarox’s Highrunner mk7 (a fast, flexible and fully modular palletiser) is a key component of the Crossrunner system. The Highrunner mk7 is the result of continuous development, which has led to an exceedingly simplified design that contains fewer parts and more standard components. Consequently, the cost of purchase, installation, use and maintenance is reduced to a minimum, which makes the Highrunner mk7 the most competitive palletising solution on the market.
Whether it’s boxes with or without lids, trays with or without foil, buckets, crates or jerrycans – the Highrunner mk7 can carefully and accurately position them into any desired pattern and deposit them on the pallet layer by layer. The user-friendly touch screen allows operators to easily select the desired stacking pattern and program new stacking patterns if necessary.

About Qimarox
Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of rugged and reliable components for material handling systems. Innovative concepts, patented technologies and continuous development allow Qimarox (which emerged from Nedpack) to manufacture product lifts and palletisers that combine flexibility and
productivity with a low total cost of ownership. System integrators and original equipment manufacturers from across the globe use the machinery of Qimarox in end-of-line systems and storage and order picking systems in various industries. Please visit www.qimarox.com for more information.