Qimarox shortens delivery time for North American market

A vertical transport system in operation within a week

Starting next summer, companies in North America can have a Prorunner mk5 – Qimarox’s unique vertical conveyor – within only a few weeks. Because of the rapidly growing interest in its products, the manufacturer of material handling components has decided to start supplying customers in North America from the United States, rather than from Europe. As a result, delivery times have shortened by several weeks and transport costs have decreased.

The Qimarox Prorunner mk5 is a vertical transport system that makes use of the time-honoured paternoster principle, in a modern, durable form. Thanks to its patented design, all products remain in an upright position during the entire circulation.

The main difference between this system and other vertical transport systems is its ability to move products up and down between multiple levels simultaneously, so that the Prorunner mk5 can also be used as a vertical sorting system. Moreover, the Qimarox system is more flexible than conventional product lifts, partly due to its ability to feed products in and out in three directions.

With only a few relatively simple extensions, the Prorunner mk5 can also be used as a smart buffer system with the ability to distribute or pick a thousand packages per hour completely automatically.

Delivery times significantly shortened

In recent years, the Prorunner mk5 has been installed in dozens of distribution centres and production plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Users on this continent include companies such as Coleman, PepsiCo, Royal Canin, Unilever and Herbalife.

Due to rapidly growing demand, the Netherlands-based Qimarox has decided to set up a separate supply point with a large number of Prorunner mk5 components in the United States (Aurora, Illinois). This will reduce the delivery time of this vertical transport system to companies in North America by several weeks. Supplying from the United States also ensures lower transport costs, meaning an investment in this already attractively priced system is recouped even faster.

Because the Prorunner mk5 can be installed and integrated easily by any local system integrator due to its modular design, businesses in the United States, Canada and Mexico can now benefit from a well-functioning vertical transport with a very short delivery time.

Versatile, low maintenance and energy efficient

The Qimarox Prorunner mk5 is suitable for products, containers, trays, buckets or boxes of at least 200 x 200 and up to 600 x 600 mm, and that weigh no more than 50 kg. A special XL model can handle products up to 900 x 900 mm. The maximum height of the Prorunner mk5 is about twenty metres, meaning a single vertical conveyor can supply dozens of levels.

Thanks to the minimal number of moving parts and enclosed drive system, the Prorunner mk5 is very low maintenance, also when applied as automated order picking and distribution system. Because the system keeps itself in balance, the motor only has to propel the product to be transported, and not the product carrier. The system can therefore be operated at a low motor capacity, resulting in considerable savings when compared to other product lifts.


About Qimarox

Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems characterised by robustness and reliability. Innovative concepts, patented technologies and continuous development allow Qimarox (which emerged from Nedpack) to manufacture product lifts and palletisers that combine flexibility and productivity with a low total cost of ownership. System integrators and original equipment manufacturers from across the globe use the machinery of Qimarox in end-of-line systems and storage and order picking systems in various industries. Please visit www.qimarox.com for more information.Qimarox Aurora Illinois